“The best part about your website is that you accept almost all payment methods and receipt is almost immediately sent via SMS and email. The primary focus is very appropriately on education, but it’s good you also cover other needs & situations as they arise like Kerala Relief program, Winter Blankets distribution, etc.

Keep up the good work and hope you can also incorporate these things on the website-

1) Give donors the option to subscribe to get updates on the sponsored child's progress.

2) Children who are performing well in school can be showcased on the website.

3) Can also include things like their hobbies and what they wish to become when they grow up on their profile.”


“The best thing about Kafalat is that it's zero-overhead. When I donate, I am sure that the entire amount reaches the beneficiaries. All the overheads are taken care by volunteers.”

Abdul Latif

“Gathering the professionals from the community at one platform and working towards to give the community back is the next part of PSF.

Along with this the project of Kafalat is proving to be fruitful as we are able to provide education to the needy in the community. Easy payment options is one of the best part of the website”

Aamir Ansari

“Content on the website is good”