How We Work:

It is being implemented by Ideal Relief Committee Trust (IRCT) and PSF (Professionals Solidarity Forum) under its flagship program entitled “Kafalat”. The project is already in operation. IRCT and PSF is supporting children of target group from our limited resources and this is a continuous process of supporting children rather than a one-time activity.  With the availability of more resources, IRCT and PSF can help more children.







Recruit more Underprivileged children.

Identify vulnerable children in need of support

  • Project Coordinator
  • Resource persons
  • Parents / Guardians
  • Religious leaders

100 vulnerable children required

Conducive and secure environment

Data collection per child

Use questionnaires method and fill out child sponsorship forms

  • Project Coordinator
  • Resource persons
  • Parents / Guardians
  • Children

Dully filled child sponsorship forms in place.

  • Logistical support
  • Conducive environment 

Give support to beneficiaries

Use schools organizational structure for implementation

  • Project Coordinator
  • Resource persons
  • Parents

  • School teachers
  • School fees per child
  • Scholastic materials given out

  • Logistical support
  • Conducive environment for learning in place.





Most vulnerable orphaned children from old/weak grand parents and guardians.

  • Children from families whose surviving parents are weak and sickly of TB/Cancer and other deadly diseases.
  • Vulnerable children from very poor household and child headed household.
The project is subject to evaluation on a quarterly basis. However, day to day monitoring of its progress is being carried out by the PSF Volunteers and the Ideal Relief Committee Trust (IRCT), where these children reside and attend school in consultation with the children, and the beneficiary community members to ensure attainment of the project goal. Quarterly reports are being made to the donor to confirm proper and effective use of resources received. All the necessary information and photographs concerning the children are available on request.
Keeping in view the dismal situation of the educational and social status of the Muslims, the organization wants to fund more and more students for meeting their basic educational requirements. But due to financial constraints, it is not possible to provide assistance to children belonging to the vulnerable group on large scale. Hence, the trust has set a target of sponsoring 100 new students for the next academic year. 

There is a procedure laid down in the executive guideline of the program, which briefs about how candidates are sponsored, right from identification, selection, posting on website to receipt of donation, transferring it to the corresponding candidate and finally maintain their records.

To Make the project run as self sustained, for initial 3 years All the donations are devided as 80:10:10, where 80% donation goes to Program, 10% on promotion and 10% on admin charges.  We planned to reduce the admin charges as the donation grows.


1. For all funds received under Kafalat, 80% is utilised for the student and 20% is used for Admin and Promotional purposes
2. In case target amount of a student is more than actual school fees for the given academic year, extra funds received would be utilised for other students whose sponsorship amount is not fulfilled