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IRCT aims to address the causes of The COVID19 Novel-Coronavirus outbreak
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The COVID19 Novel-Coronavirus outbreak continues spreading across borders and has been declared a pandemic by WHO. Due to subsequent lockdowns across the nation many daily wage workers and people of lower income groups are in urgent need of ration. PSF Mumbai has scaled up efforts to support people who are most vulnerable to the outbreak and lockdown in our city.
You can help ensure that the people at risk or already affected get the help they need during this difficult time. PSF Mumbai is committed to channeling care, compassion and concern for the situation on the ground. We will do this by delivering financial contributions made through the link below. Few members from affiliated charities  have been on the ground for surveys, working to help those in need. Our planet is going through unprecedented times, we earnestly appeal to everyone to donate generously, this will be greatly rewarded in the hereafter inshaAllah.