• Would you like to brighten up a child's future?
    Every good act is humanity. A man true wealth hereafter is the good that
    he does in this world to his fellows
  • Give them Pure
    You can help them drink "pure" and stay "Hygienic"
  • Gift a Teacher
    You can help them by paying for a "teacher"

About Our Charity.

It is being implemented by Ideal Relief Committee Trust (IRCT) under its flagship program entitled “Kafaalat”. The project is already in operation. IRCT is supporting children of target group from our limited resources and this is a continuous process of supporting children rather than a one-time activity.  With the availability of more resources, IRCT can help more children.
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Causes To Donate

Your contribution will change someone’s life and earn you divine rewards


Minority community suffers from extreme poverty, which is largely attributed to lack of modern education. It is a fact that, due to illiteracy these groups.... Read More

Medical Aid

Affordable basic medications is one of the primary focus of IRCT, we plan to provide basic medications at very nominal rates to the needy... Read More

Water & Hygiene

Many people still don’t have access to clean drinking water, and hygiene. IRCT aims to provide/set up clean drinking water and educate masses.... Read More


IRCT aims to address The Food related needs to our sponsored children and other families Read More


IRCT aims to assist children born with disabilities, in terms of infrastructure needs, support facilities and career options... Read More

Legal Aid /Drug Abuse

It has been seen that many vulnerable youths and students have been detained illegally and falsely implicated in crimes which they never committed... or Students Trapped in Drug abuse or located in Rehab We use this Money to support expences Read More

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Recent Causes

We are committed to following Causes Under the Kafalat Projects.

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